Affordable IPv6 Nodes

IPv6 only virtual machines in the cloud

Still overspending on IPv4?

All of our nodes only come equipped with native IPv6 connectivity. But thanks to DNS64 and NAT64 you can still access IPv4-only resources on the Internet.

Powered by a robust platform

Powered by reliable KVM virtualisation and latest hardware

Simple management

Everything you need to manage your node - in one place.

Latest OS templates

Minimal cloud images provided directly by the distribution

Human support

No annoying chatbots and autoreplys

Free Reverse Proxy

Use the integrated proxy to host your application under your own domain name, secured with SSL and available for both, IPv4 and IPv6 clients

No domain limit

As many domains as you like to proxy multiple applications on different ports

SSL by default

Hardened TLS stack with modern protocols preserves privacy and exposes MITM attacks

Fast and secure

Hardened TLS stack with modern protocols preserves privacy and exposes MITM attacks

Proxy Domain

It may take a few minutes for your domain to show a valid SSL certificate

Available in seconds

Get started and deploy your own node in a few seconds

Full KVM Virtualization Fast NVMe SSDs Latest-Gen hardware Simple management

What is a Node?

A node is a small part of a server, a virtual machine which allows you to run any application you like. You could build a web server, or use a VPN to access the internet securely

What can I do with it?

People use our nodes for a variety of purposes, including webservers, database servers, VPNs and Docker containers. You can basically run any software that runs on Linux

Why should I use v6Node?

We are a perfect fit if your application either does not depend on ingoing IPv4 or is HTTP/S based for which we provide a reverse proxy with full IPv4 + IPv6 support

Can I access IPv4 only servers?

Yes, all nodes come preconfigured with a NAT64 DNS server which allows you to reach IPv4-only servers such as Github. This only works for outgoing traffic

What is a reverse proxy?

Our reverse proxy gives your domains a dual-stack IPv4 + IPv6 endpoint, so you can host your site even if your server is IPv6 only. All domains will be SSL secured by default

How can I pay?

You can pay with Apple/ Google Pay, all major credit/debit cards and SEPA direct debit

I don't have IPv6, how can I access my node?

You can use a free VPN tunnel with IPv6 support like Cloudflare Warp or ask your ISP to enable IPv6 on your network

Which locations do you offer?

We currently only offer Germany as a datacenter location but will extend to the US and Asia in the coming weeks

Which hardware is used?

Modern AMD Ryzen or EPYC processors with NVMe SSDs are used in all of our locations

How long does provisioning take?

It takes only about 10 seconds to provision if you pay via credit card

Effortless management

Our in-house developed control panel offers a simple and user-friendly management interface for your nodes

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